The smallest, latest generation LED, a diamond of light.


The smallest, latest generation LED, a diamond of light.

Ghost shape

Thanks to an adaptive shape it can be installed both with an additional classic frame or totally without frames, so to offer the possibility of being invisible when turned off. The frame can be customizable and has to be ordered separately if required.

Cold surface

PINSPOT remain cold during all the time they are lit on, thus not adding heat to the environment they are installed into. A touch of comfort.

Powerful light

The light is emitted by OSRAM led. Available in warm white or sapphire blue light. 

NO Galvanic currents or corrosion

The total plastic body eliminates the risk of galvanic currents generation as well as potential corrosions, making the downlight totally safe for the boat and keeping it always as new.

Fade in / fade out effect

Both the turning ON and the turning OFF phases occur with a smooth fade in / fade out effect to soften the light change impact and keep your eyes relaxed.

60Vdc resistant electronics

The use of automotive certified components allows the resistance to battery voltage peaks. Additionally, the device has an automatic shut off system to prevent damages in case of overvoltages. A plus that extends the product life.

Starry sky or step marker

Pinspot is perfect to be used along stairs, corridors or SPA as a step marker, but also on the ceiling to obtain a spectacular starry sky effect.

Super light weight

The use of plastics both in the screen and in the heatsink makes PINSPOT spotlights weight very light, thus contributing to the boat overall weight reduction and limiting the impact on the ceilings.


Suitable for 24Vdc systems  by simply installing the dedicated driver.

Deep dimming

PINSPOT light can be dimmed from 100% up to 0%. It’s a real dimming, not a simple PWM effect, thus it offers a very soft intensity change and a relaxing ambient light.

Overheating protection

PINSPOT is designed to never overheat. However it carries on a protection that turns the system off in case of overheating, preventing any damage to the device.



Thanks to its IP68 degree, it can be installed both in internal rooms and in external corridors, so you can bring PINSPOT wonderful light everywhere.


Warm white

The downlight is proposed in 3000K warm white light and in Sapphire Blue colour.

EMC compliant (2014/30/EU)

The device has passed a lot of severe tests, including those related to EMC 2014/30/EU regulation, so to offer you the peace of mind of installing a safe product with no impacts on your on-board systems.

Technical specifications

Product code:

White led: SLSXWHI01 / Blue Sapphire led: SLSXBLU01 

Luminous intensity:

150 lm (WHITE)

Power supply:

Driver 24Vdc

Output Power:



Max 0,15A@2,8Vdc

Light colour:

White 3.000K (OSRAM Led) – Blue Sapphire (OSRAM Led)

Driver type:



polarity reverse, overheating, short circuits, electrostatic charges, voltage peaks. Contains automotive qualified electronic components

Resistance to voltage peaks:

60 Vdc (from 32Vdc up to 60Vdc the device automatically shuts down preventing damages)

Lens material:

Technological plastic

Heatsink material:

Dissipative plastic



Projector dimensions:

Diameter 13,4mm x thickness 25,3mm


Yes, with true deep dimming mode

Fade in/Fade out effect:


System typology:


Operating modes:

ON/OFF and dimming


  • RoHS: 2011/65/EU
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: 2014/30/EU

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