The first 12W WIRELESS underwater light (95mm wide) for non metallic hulls.


The first 12W WIRELESS underwater light (95mm wide) for non metallic hulls.

Patented Technology

Wireless Underwater Light for non-metallic hulls. The maximum  expression of technology and innovation in a product that brings marine underwater lights into a new era.
This powerful spotlight can be easily installed without drilling the hull, saving boat integrity, eliminating the risk of cracks and of water infiltrations.

Wireless Power Trasfer

miniWUWLED transmits energy through a non metallic wall using the futuristic “Wireless Energy Transfer” technology. About 80% of efficiency at a maximum  distance of 40mm, up to 12W led power managed by remote drivers.

Energy auto-balancing

Transmitted energy remains constant at different distances thanks to our patented automatic power management system that continuously calculates and applies the settings to the miniWUWLED. A guarantee of technical perfection.


Finalist in the prestigious innovative marine equipment awards held in 2021 Amsterdam METSTRADE show. The product has been nominated for the innovative management of energy wireless transfer system and for making a sustainable use of materials not dangerous for environment and for human beings.

NO Galvanic currents

The absence of exposed metal parts eliminates the risk of galvanic currents generation, making miniWuwled safe for hull integrity over the time.

Anti fogging system

A special gel applied to the lens avoids the fogging on the glass and increases the light brilliance, while the tempered glass gives an high protection against scratches.

60Vdc resistant electronics

The use of automotive certified components allow miniWUWLED to resist to battery voltage peaks. A plus that extends the product life.

NO holes in the hull

miniWUWLED lights technology has been specifically designed to safeguard yacht integrity. It can be installed using the specific strong 3M adhesive glue or with the screwed frame for an easier maintenance. Thanks to this peculiarity, miniWUWLED is also the perfect solution for pools, especially those ones made of fragile materials.

Best in class Led

Long lasting service and incredible light brilliance.
A battery of OSRAM OSLON leds will release up to 1.500 lumen, making the water around you a real show. miniWUWLED is available in Bicolor version (Polar White/Sapphire Blue, Polar White/Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue/Emerald Green).

230Vac or 24Vdc

Suitable for 12Vdc and 24Vdc systems (but also for 230Vac one by simply installing an additional power supply unit).

Deep light penetration

WUWLED powerful lights can reach the distance of 12 meters in average water quality with an impressive beam intensity and an opening angle of 45 degrees.

Overheating protection

WUWLED is designed to never overheat if used underwater. However it carries on a protection that turns the system off in case of overheating, preventing any damage to the device.

Titanium screws

No oxidations on the external screws thanks to the use of Titanium. Because details make the difference.

2mm Glass thickness

Light is emitted through a window made of tempered glass 2mm thick, ensuring a very robust solution.

EMC compliant (2014/30/EU)

The device has passed a lot of severe tests, including those related to EMC 2014/30/EU regulation, so to offer you the peace of mind of installing a safe product with no impacts on your on-board systems.

Installation and use video tutorials

Learn how to mechanically install miniWuwled by means of the glued solution (fixing kit KFCA01)

Learn how to mechanically install miniWuwled by means of the brackets solution (fixing kit KFGM01)

Learn how to connect all the wires setting correctly up the electrical system

Learn how to make the system calibration

Learn how to use your miniWuwled

Technical specifications

Product code:


Luminous intensity:

1.500 lm (WHITE)

Double led color:


Power supply:

10 – 36Vdc


0,8A@24Vdc – 1,6A@12Vdc

Working distance range:

3mm to 40mm

Transmitted power:

up to 12W

White temperature:

5.000K (OSRAM Led)

Driver type:



polarity reverse, overheating, short circuits, electrostatic charges, voltage peaks. Contains automotive qualified electronic components

Resistance to voltage peaks:

60 Vdc (from 32Vdc up to 60Vdc the device automatically shuts down preventing damages)

Lens material:

tempered glass with self- cleaning Nano-technological coating against the formation of algae and the deposit of salt.

External screws material:




Projector dimensions:

95mm x 115mm x thickness 17,6mm

Transmitter dimensions:

168mm x 168mm x thickness 60mm

Minimum distance from the transmitter for metal parts presence:


                                                                                                              10cm from box side

Minimum installation distance between 2 miniWuwled units:

                                                                                                              60cm from center to center


Operating modes:

2 external switches (not supplied) per each lights group


  • RoHS: 2011/65/EU
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: 2014/30/EU

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